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Saturday Breakfast | Baked Kippers and Eggs with Soldiers

20 Oct

Afternoon all.

Feeling quite sorry for myself today. Have picked up a cold in the last few days (overworking and project focussing). No amount of Ibuprofen and Berocca is going to get rid of this it seems. It probably didn’t help that I’ve pretty much spent every night in the last week out and about apart from Thursday when I had a telephone marathon, catching up with two of my friends and then a three way conference call with two of my besties, brandy, gin and wine (I didn’t drink all three – it was our virtual party).

Anyway apart from visiting the post office and bakery to get a nice loaf of crusty bread, I’m staying put on the sofa. Currently looking very ASBO with the OH’s hoodie on and sniffing.

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Avocado Egg Roll Recipe | No Mayonnaise! Just Avocado, Egg and Seasoning!

15 Jul

I don’t know what it is about avocados. I just love them – seriously. I know they are only supposed to be good for us in moderation (as all things are). They are supposedly fatty – but healthy fats (so I keep telling myself). I have a whole list of avocado recipes I’m dying to try – in particularly a very special one which I won’t reveal right now.

For today – I introduce you to a quick lunch favourite and an alternative of Egg Mayonnaise sandwiches – another recipe I like – except mayonnaise – deathly mayonnaise. So bad for you – and even when you buy a low fat one, the cynic in me thinks “what have they replaced the fat with?”. The only thing I use mayonnaise for these days is coleslaw – because there really is no other alternative (anyone that suggests putting salad cream in coleslaw should be shot).

Anyway… Avocado Egg Rolls. Here’s how you make them. Try it – your life will seriously improve if you do 🙂

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Recipe (kind of) | Egg in a Hole – Inspired by Donal :)

29 Apr

I love Donal Skehan. I’m not sure how I first heard about him but I’ve been following him on Twitter for years (how ironic is that referring to Twitter with such longstanding presence?). Plus I like his hair…

He literally IS the food porn king in Ireland as far as I’m concerned and I am always making notes what to try next inspired by his latest Twitter post/Instagram pic.

Enter Egg in a Hole. I saw it on Donal’s Instagram, I tried it. It rocked. Thanks Donal!

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Recipe | Banana Cake made with Wholemeal Flour

23 Apr

Last weekend I had a project to try my hand at making banana cake. I had three over ripe bananas sitting at my desk at work last week. My e-commerce director said to me “I think you should eat those…” I said “I’m going to take them home to make a smoothie”. “Don’t make a smoothie. They’ve ripened too much for that. Make banana bread,” she replied. “with wholemeal flour, and bring some in. But take those bananas home asap. You’re attracting fruit flies”. Yeah, I got told…

So this weekend I had four black (I kid you not) bananas sitting in my fridge. I couldn’t make bread as that would have meant buying a new tin/mould, but a cake did materialise. And it was damn good. Better, dare I say – than the controversial carrot cake

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Poached Egg Cups | Leon Restaurant, 36 Old Compton Street London, W1D 4TT | a breakfast dream come true…

12 Apr

Leon restaurant Old Compton Street. London

I couldn’t believe my eyes when about three weeks ago, I walked past Leon of Old Compton St in Soho, London and spotted the latest addition to their menu; egg cups. I had to try them. I am a huge fan of breakfast. Savoury of course. To me, every perfect breakfast should include eggs. I can’t comprehend those that don’t like them. What’s not to like? There are so many things you can do with them for breakfast. Poach, boil, scramble, fry, omelette – and bake, commonly known as cocotte. I first tried oeuf en cocotte off the back of Nigella Lawson’s recipe – and then realised you can add a lot of variations to your baked eggs and double cream. Bacon, spinach etc.

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