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How to Make Effortless Easy Hummus – that tastes great | Recipe

8 Apr

One day last week I made home-made hummus. So what? I know you’re thinking. There wasn’t a motive behind it. I was at the supermarket and saw the pre-packaged stuff and suddenly felt like making some. I Googled “hummus recipe” and came across a Guardian article with a whole thesis on how to make the best hummus. It was really long winded. Involving soaking chickpeas in bicarbonate of soda and boiling them and all sorts. Nevertheless I got home and put my chickpeas to soak in some bicarb for a few hours. I noticed afterwards that the recipe said to soak them for 24 hours – then boil chickpeas for four hours!

F*** that I thought – I didn’t recall hummus being so laborious. There must be easier methods. Again I Googled “hummus recipe” and noticed the first link which was a BBC URL. The recipe said it was for “quick hummus”. This was far more digestible (‘scuse me pun).

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Qype Flatbread Making Event | Giraffe Restaurant Bar and Grill | Frith Street, Soho London

30 Aug

Giraffe restaurant logo

Qype Community

I recently had the good fortune to be invited to Giraffe Restaurant & Bar in Frith Street, Soho for a Flatbread event courtesy of Qype.

Of course when I was invited there wasn’t a question of who I would be inviting as my guest – the only other person I know to be as passionate about food as me – Chanelle of Parisienne, The House of Cupcakes.


This is Cupcake Chanelle

We started off our evening with a couple of cocktails from their extensive happy hour menu – which is half price between 5-7 and then were shown into the Red Room by the Qype team.

Happy Hour Cocktails at Giraffe

Apple and Elderflower and Melon Margarita

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Recipe | Healthy Quick Food | How to make Classic Tomato Marinara Sauce

4 Aug

We all have cravings and penchants for foods that others might consider weird – myself included. But one friend who’s tweets I follow on Twitter caught my attention for the wrong reason as I deemed what he eats to not be “food”.

Concoctions such as “ham and cheese sandwiches with HP sauce”, “french bread, ham and cheese, croissants with philly and jam and a cappacuino and hot chocolate”.

This boy needed to be taught a thing or two about simple dishes that are easy to cook and are SO much better for your diet.

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