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Buljol for Sunday Breakfast

30 Mar buljol and fried dumplings breakfast

buljol and fried dumplings breakfastTypically of Caribbean island food, (how many times has my best friend Simone told me “it’s not fishcakes, it’s fritters”) EVERYONE wants to claim buljol as their own. Some say it’s Bajan, some say it’s Trini. One thing everyone will agree on is that it’s delicious. Perfect for Sunday breakfast.

I’m having a bit of a quiet weekend and I haven’t left the house – so I thought there’s no better time to make myself a lovely comforting sunshine breakfast this Sunday morning. Here’s what you need to recreate this delicious recipe. Continue reading


O-Tower Caribbean Cuisine Restaurant, Tower Bridge Road, Bermondsey London

16 Aug

“Welcome to Misery’s West Indian Restaurant”

If you ever watched The Real McCoy that will mean something to you. If you have no idea what I am talking about here’s a taster so the rest of my post means something to you.

I recommended O-Tower to my sister amongst others on account of the fact it had amazing reviews on Trip Advisor – and rightly so – we had a whale of a time!

I don’t know why but we loved the demeanour of Sheila – the owner. We had a table of 18 including the birthday girl – my sister Elisha.

MOST of us turned up on time – but Elisha was awfully late (story of her life!). 1 hour 15 mins late. Yeeeah.

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Restaurant Review | Heart and Soul Caribbean Restaurant and Wine Bar, Lea Bridge Road Leyton, London

17 Sep

There is always a spark of interest when a new restaurant opens in East London – particularly the part of East London I am in (Wanstead/Leytonstone/Leyton) and so I was delighted when my friend Cheryl opened her new venture – a Caribbean restaurant called Heart and Soul Restaurant in Lea Bridge Road, Leyton.

Within weeks of opening, Chanelle had made me envious with her elaborate descriptions of the seafood dishes she had experienced, cooked to perfection by the wonderful chef Mikey.

Chanelle joined the 30’s club a few weeks ago (Happy Birthday old cow) and booked a group meal at Heart and Soul. I couldn’t wait to see the restaurant for myself.

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Recipe | Scrambled eggs on hard dough bread, with bacon, fried plantain and baked beans

19 Sep

Sounds a bit full on doesn’t it?

Hard dough bread and plantain are known for their filling properties. If you are serving realistic portions without going overboard, this can be the perfect breakfast. I decided to be experimental when I realised that I had some plantains in the fridge that needed to be cooked that day. I could have fried them for dinner but I remembered that plaintains can be served any time of the day and if I were in my native St Lucia, I wouldn’t give it a second thought.

You can get plaintains from most Indian fruit and veg shops. Some Off Licences or newsagents will even have plaintains displayed out front amongst other fruit and veg. Go for the yellow ones with brown areas if you want to be able to cook it straight away. It will look like an over ripe banana.

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