My Herbalife Journey Diary

6 Aug

Two weeks ago I saw a photo of my long-time friend Charlie on Facebook. She looked amazing – she’s always looked amazing, but it was more her statement on the photo that got me:

herbalife charlie kanareck

My lovely friend Charlie

Plus she looks darn amazing in that swimsuit…

I hadn’t heard anything about Herbalife before, but I was intrigued. I started doing my research but also arranged to meet Charlie. When I did, she told me all about Herbalife, the history, the products, the well-being, lifestyle and I was sold. I’m wary of fads. I don’t believe in diets. I don’t believe in shakes. This isn’t a diet. This isn’t a fad. This isn’t just shakes.

I don’t need to lose weight, but I want to tone up and I want a flat stomach, which I don’t have. I’m a pretty healthy person and do watch what I eat (you only see the pics of the gluttonous food!) but let’s face it. I used to get the tube to work. Now I’m walking from house-to-car-to-work-to-car-to-house. Added to that, the business I now work for is one of the big four supermarkets! You should see the treats we get in head office. I know how to resist though. I have determination.

After visiting Charlie, I did some more research. I was willing myself to find bad stuff – but I didn’t! I was pleased. I also started telling friends about it and it seemed others had heard about it which was a good sign. Also of course I scoured pics on Instagram which I loved looking at 🙂

Part of the problem people don’t realise, is that they think they are doing themselves a favour by starving themselves, when all they are doing is storing fat. Most people know that. I know that – but this is one step further. Five small eats a day and lots of water. Don’t let your body get hungry. Tide it over – and you don’t need to have a huge eat when you are hungry. Lots of water. THAT was a challenge for me in itself. When I first visited Charlie my water intake was VERY low. Not dangerously low – but wasn’t far off. I knew I didn’t drink enough water. Less than 500 mls a day. Now I’m drinking 2-3 litres a day. I never thought that would happen.

I decided what products I wanted based on my lifestyle. The formula 1 shake, the aloe concentrate drink and herbal extract tea. It’s not cheap! However, when you convert to normal food pricing – it’s the cost of a couple of nice meals out (I keep telling myself that).

I collected my items from Charlie last week. Oh I also invested in a smoothie maker – but not just any smoothie maker. This is a Kenwood SB056 and SO convenient. It was only £20. It comes with two mugs which you blend into and is the best option for me in the mornings. Super easy to clean too.

Kenwood SB056 Smoothie 2 Go Maker, Black

Best smoothie maker on a budget

I envisaged that I would be making my smoothie and out of the door but as I have to have it within 30 mins of waking up.

My week-day mornings go something like this:

  • 6:30 – wake up
  • 6:35-6:40 – drink two glasses of water with aloe concentrate, make smoothie with formula 1 healthy meal. Make herbal extracts tea
  • 6:45 – shower
  • 7:00 – drink smoothie, drink tea

I get ready for work after this and I’m out of the door by 7:40.

I feel fairly full when I’m leaving for work but also feel good – and awake! By the time I get to work my bladder is feeling the pressure though! Yours would too after two glasses of water, a tea and a shake!

I started Herbalife on Saturday. I’ve been doing it for five days now and I’m feeling good – but I do attribute that to the increased water intake too.

I’m going to continue to post my diaries when I can so I can keep you updated with snippets of my journey.

Hopefully you’ll see a difference and if you are interested, be inspired – but also it’s for me to keep a record of what’s happening as it is very much to do with food and that’s what this blog is about  – right?

Day 1: Saturday 2nd August

Measuring up – my waist is… I don’t even want to say it – 87cm.

Determined to trim this tum. 87cm waist is NOT good. I haven't even had bloody children!

Determined to trim this tum. 87cm waist is NOT good. I haven’t even had bloody children!

Breakfast: Poached egg on granary toast, samphire and instant herbal beverage with tea extract, lemon. 339 calories

poached egg on granary toast and samphire

Lunch: F1 Vanilla shake, half a banana, meridian crunchy peanut butter (1tbsp). 419 calories

formula 1 herbalife shake


Dinner – 455 calories

Snacks (almond, brazil and pistachio nuts) – 140 calories

1251 calories consumed.


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