Recipe | Posh Bangers and Mash | Venison Sausages with Bourguignon/Red Onion Gravy and Mashed Potatoes with Peas and Mint

19 Jun

I always try to plan weekly dinners in advance to save time deciding what to eat when I get home (often after 7 in the evening). Going to the supermarket I like to have an idea of at least 4 meals for the week. I almost always make a batch of my marinara sauce. I always stick a tub of marscarpone in the trolley, a bag of spinach, frozen prawns are essential as they don’t need to be defrosted. With this I can create some sort of creamy white wine sauce with spinach & prawns and then serve with linguine. Or, using my marinara sauce I can heat through the sauce, prawns & serve with fusili pasta.

On my weekend shop last week I decided I quite fancied bangers & mash. I have certain views about this dish – I don’t think pork sausages can be served with mash and a good onion gravy. It just has to be red meat! I should have thought this one out earlier though, and gone to the butchers as Sainabury’s selection of beef sausages was terrible. They only had one kind. Reluctantly I picked them up and then noticed they had venison sausages – perfect.

Sainsbury's Taste The Difference Venison Sausages

Sausage and Mash can only be red meat! Pork is strictly for breakfast

Cooking sausages isn’t rocket science and nor is mashed potato, so all that remained was finding a good gravy, preferably one that complimented what I had in the kitchen (peas and mint straight out of the freezer! 🙂 ) minus a few last minute additions (red onions and mushrooms). I found two! Bourguignon sauce and red onion gravy. I did what I generally do best – combined the two.

ingredients for sauce to accompany venison sausages and mash

Might look pretty paltry but this is all I needed to combine a sauce for the sausage and mash

I decided to roast rather than grill/fry the sausages. I had a lot of time to kill making a gravy so there was no need for me to rush the cooking process of the sausages. I found some carrots in the fridge left over from Sunday dinner – if I didn’t use them, they would be thrown out so I thought I may as well cook them with the sausages.

venison sausages and carrots go in the oven to be cooked

There’s no rule to cooking my gravy – the only thing you really need to take time over, is caramelising the onions, cook onions too quickly, they burn – and then it’s all over – you may as well bin them – not to mention the bitter taste once they’ve passed that slow cook stage. I caramelised the onions on a low heat with two teaspoons of brown sugar with a MINIMAL drop of oil.

Before you start this – wash and chop some maris piper potatoes and put them on to cook – no need to peel them unless you are allergic to a bit of roughage.

caramelise the red onions in a pan with brown sugar and a touch of olive oil

Once this is done, add in stock (1/3 pint of beef oxo cube mixed with boiling water), half a bottle of red wine, fresh rosemary, mushrooms, handful of chopped pancetta, peppercorns and a pinch of salt.

stock, mushrooms, pancetta, red wine, rosemary and seasoning is added to the caramelised onions

Leaving this to simmer I went off to see to my peas and mint. It would probably be time to take the potatoes of the heat now depending on how small you chopped them – because they are being mashed, I always opt for the smaller the better – makes the job easier to deal with once they are cooked.

I cooked the peas and then hand blended them adding the mint and a touch of milk to loosen. The smell of this is amazing!

peas and mint, blended

Adding chopped chives, milk, butter and seasoning, I blended the potato – this is where I got a bit excited – I over-blended the potatoes as you can see whilst chanting “no-more-lumps. No-more-lumps”. Could have done with a bit LESS blending… Whoops. Perhaps a I had a sip of that red wine whilst I was cooking…

mash potatoes blended using hand blender (a little too much)

Keeping the potatoes warm, I turned my attention back to the gravy, added some cornflour to thicken and minced one garlic clove (don’t forget to remove the germ!).

red wine and pancetta gravy for venison sausages and mash

Red wine gravy for venison bangers and mash, almost done.

The last thing I had to do was roughly mix in the pea and mint mixture into my mashed potato.

mashed potato with peas and mint

The finished meal.

Roasted Venison Sausages with Pea and Mint Mash and Carrots

Slightly disappointed with how carried away I was with the “mashing” of the potatoes – I usually just use a normal masher so not quite sure what possessed me to try a new approach.

The taste however was fantastic and the texture of the potato wasn’t as sloppy as it looked. I certainly didn’t have any complaints.

If you insist on doing it by the book rather than my “weekday efficient” method – here are the two best recipes I found:

Roasted venison sausages with bourguignon sauce and green herb mash

Sausages with mustard mash and red onion gravy


3 Responses to “Recipe | Posh Bangers and Mash | Venison Sausages with Bourguignon/Red Onion Gravy and Mashed Potatoes with Peas and Mint”

  1. Rhohaha June 19, 2011 at 12:18 pm #

    Yummy! Bangers and mash! Looks delish! I must confess though minted mushy peas are not my fav accompaniment to this classic dish but still looks scrumptious!

    • foodieclaire June 19, 2011 at 12:21 pm #

      I thought of you when I was writing about pork sausages not going with mash. Was thinking “Rhods would disagree!”. The mint addition was nice as long as you don’t overkill it – can’t beat simple mash with butter and a bit of mustard though. The mash you had at Hawksmoor a couple of weeks ago looked DE-LISH… xxxx


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